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2008-12-03 06:16:33 by CptMajestic

I rushed my flash and only gave myself 4 hours to make it and now....i regret it. sigh. i think i will do a dead air scenario and make sure i take the time to do it right

No Mercy

2008-12-02 08:13:14 by CptMajestic

Okay so my first REAL flash is out. and i see if it will be loved


2008-11-29 20:01:15 by CptMajestic

i have decided to add some of my random songs i made up to newgrounds. i hope everyone enjoys them

My first cartoon!!

2008-08-22 14:20:29 by CptMajestic

I dont know if anyone is gonna read this but...YAY my first cartoons is done!! i finally figured out how to put sounds in my animation. awesome. i just hope people like it and it doesn't fail and spontaniously combust like my. *sniffle* sorry i need to go