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Entry #4


2008-12-03 06:16:33 by CptMajestic

I rushed my flash and only gave myself 4 hours to make it and now....i regret it. sigh. i think i will do a dead air scenario and make sure i take the time to do it right


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2008-12-03 07:06:03

Use some tutorials and you'll be fine.
Right now you don't know perspective so everything is in 2D.
Probably wanna spend more time with it. The helicopter thing worked, but the rest of the jokes weren't funny.
Blah blah blah

CptMajestic responds:

have you played the game? because they are all jokes that originated from playing with other people on the game


2008-12-03 11:44:36

this is tetrisash,


2008-12-04 05:16:11

i still like it :'(


2008-12-04 18:05:53

Yeah but I already know the jokes because I played the game. Reference jokes man.
Just have fun with what you do, doesn't matter what somebody says


2008-12-04 18:07:02

Also, cool gorilla you made

CptMajestic responds:

thanks i was working on my frame by frame


2009-09-16 22:53:59

Im so excited about l4d2 3 things prove it.
1.i marked the callender.
2.i dream about it. (usually using the spas or axe)
3.all i do is go to info webistes about it. (and play some steam)
Better dismemberment new better weapons and new infected. im gonna love this one!